MarketingHigh Quality or Cutting Corners?

Opening the door to a better agency + client relationship

You never want to work with an advertising agency that is running a factory farming content operation. The worst part is, you’d hope they’d at least be cutting corners for your benefit, but more often than not, they’re trying to charge you for high-quality work yet giving you underdeveloped, cookie-cutter results. By doing this, they can line their own pockets while presenting you with an inferior product. It’s a shady business tactic, but unfortunately, a lot of agencies do it. And unless you know how to tell whether or not they’re pulling the wool over your eyes (which many companies don’t), you’re going to get taken advantage of. In this article, we’re going to tell you how you can figure out if you’re getting the best quality work from your agency, or if they’re giving you the runaround.

Is their work actually working?

This may seem like an obvious question, but a lot of companies put their blind faith in their agency. After all, they’re the professionals, there’s no way they could mess up… right? Not always. In fact, even if your agency is honest and putting in their best work, errors do occur, code gets messed up, things go wrong. It’s human nature. But there’s a difference between a little glitch and an entire page of a website not loading properly. One is probably the result of an honest mistake, the other sheer carelessness and likely a rushed job. Either way, you should always be going in and thoroughly reviewing what they’ve done to ensure that everything is working as it should be. 

If they’ve built a website for you, make sure the pages are loading quickly, links are working, everything is in place, etc. Not only that, but review reports and numbers to confirm that you are actually seeing results. 

Are they keeping up with the latest trends and technology?

Any business should be working consistently on staying up-to-date with their ever-evolving industry, but this is especially true for advertising agencies. The marketing and advertising industry is always experiencing radical changes and cycling trends due to the human-centered nature of the work, so if your agency isn’t doing their research to keep up, they’re probably not producing work that will hold up. 

A good way to gauge whether or not an agency is keeping up with the times is to read their blog. If they don’t have a blog… well, that’s a red flag right there. But most competent agencies will be writing about the latest marketing trends and technology, which shows that not only do they actually know their stuff but that they will be using this knowledge to improve their work. 

Could the work they’re doing be assigned internally?

If you’re paying an agency to do your marketing for you, you’re anticipating that they’re going to be churning out high-quality, revolutionary, on-trend work that will drive results more effectively than anyone in-house could ever. So if you look over at Bob in accounting and think, hey, I bet he could run our social media account just as well, then something is very wrong. If your agency’s work is so generic and uninspired that any of your employees could replicate it and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, RUN! You’re wasting time and money. Part of what you’re paying an agency for is their creativity and ability to produce innovative content that can stand out amongst the competition. If they’re not doing that, they’re failing you.